Do I need to be a music teacher in order to register?

No. Monster Music's network comprises much more than just music teachers.  We offer listings to businesses and individuals that provide many different kinds of music related services such as:

• Accompaniment
• Adjudication Services
• Arranging Services
• Composition Services
• Early Childhood Music Classes
• Ensemble Direction

• Ensemble Groups
• Music Technology Tuition
• Music Therapy Services
• Music Training
• Music Workshops
• Production Services

• Publishing Services
• Recording Services
• Retail Sales
• Service & Repairs
• Transcription Services

See the full list of service categories available on this website.

Any questions about where your music service should be listed? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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Do I need formal qualifications to register as a music teacher?


Monster Music does not require for music teachers to possess formal qualifications in order to register as a music teacher on this site.  We do encourage however, that you elaborate on your experience as much as possible.

Any questions about formal qualifications? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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Which level of membership should I choose?

We offer 3 different membership levels to music teachers/providers of music related services:


Each of these memberships offer various features and levels of exposure on the directory.  You can view the Membership Comparison Chart for more detail.

Any questions about levels of membership? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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When will my listing be live on the directory?

When you register, you will be asked to make an immediate payment by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.  Once your payment is approved (usually straight away unless it is declined), your account will be activated and ready to display in our directory.

Any questions about when your listing will be live? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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Can I change my membership level once registered?


You can change/upgrade your membership level at any time.  Your new registration period will re-commence for 12 months from the day you change it, and you will be credited with the balance of what you have already paid (pro-rata) and billed for the difference.

E.g. If you register a 'Standard' membership ($66.00) on the 1st January 2015 and upgrade to a 'Priority' membership ($99.00) on the 1st July 2015, then you will be credited half of what you have already paid (6 months credit = $33.00) and billed for the difference between that and the new membership fee of $66.00.  I.e. Your upgraded 'Priority' membership will commence for 12 months from 1st July 2015 at an additional cost of $66.00.

If you choose to downgrade your membership level at any time you may do so, though no refunds will be given nor membership periods extended.

Any questions about changing membership levels? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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How do I get discount on my membership by using referrals?

As a Monster Music Member, you have the opportunity to receive discount off your next membership renewal. If you refer a friend to Monster Music and they become a member*, you will receive 10% off your next membership renewal.  You can refer as many friends as you like; each friend will increase your discount by 10%, up to a total of 50% discount off your next membership renewal.

Any questions about discounts or making referrals? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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What is a Working With Children Check (WWC)?

We strongly encourage music teachers to obtain a current Working With Children Check (WWC) in their relevant state or territory in order to display their suitability in offering music lessons to children, though it is not compulsory in order to register on this website.

Monster Music requires you to state during the sign up process whether you possess a valid WWC Check, so we can make this information clearly visible to the public.

More information on WWC Checks in your relevant state or territory can be found here.

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How many students can I expect to receive?

We work extremely hard to drive as much traffic to this site as possible via various advertising and marketing channels.  Once registered, your control panel will allow you to assess how many visitors have viewed your pages and how many enquiries you have received. Look for "Reports" in your account area.

Given the nature of the internet we cannot guarantee any specific number of leads over any given period of time, though we do know that your return on investment will generally be far more rewarding than engaging in traditional advertising methods like community newspapers and street press.

Remember - in most cases it only takes one (1) student to attend a handful of lessons in order to cover your outlay for any membership level!  Some music teachers have received as many as 50 email enquiries plus 50 phone calls per year through our directory.  The interest you receive will be heavily based on how well you promote yourself.  By maximizing the features available to your listing and choosing the right membership level, the rewards will be somewhat reflective of that.

What we CAN assure you of is that our commitment and determination to improve our market position in this industry will continue to grow by using all the resources available to us.

Any questions about how many students you will gain, or how to promote your pages? Let us know at Monster Music and we'll be glad to help.

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The answer to my question is not listed here. What can I do?

As always, simply contact us and we'll be too glad to help!

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