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Music is filled with legendary “self-taught” players. Really, though, the amount of great music players who are totally self-taught is much smaller than people think. For those of you who are teenagers or younger, it might be difficult to imagine, but there didn’t used to be an Internet. Back then, the best way to learn a musical instrument was to take music lessons or to learn from friends. There were music books, but many of the chords were wrong, and people would either play songs terribly or not be able to learn them at all.

Learning guitar from friends was haphazard at best. Basically, you had to show an experienced player that you could learn quickly, and that it was worth his time to teach you how to play. Unless you were savvy enough and good enough to be able to back someone up while they played endless solos, thus giving them motivation to keep teaching you, the person teaching you usually lost interest.

Now, in the day of the Internet, there are tablatures. You can learn a song on the Internet by simply playing what the diagrams tell you to. But is it really that easy?

Guitar tabs are great, but you must have some basic musical knowledge first. It helps to be able to read rhythm, if not music. Really, you need to know how music is structured, what hand positions you are using, and why.  

The best way to get this knowledge is from a music teacher. You are paying a teacher to do a job, and that teacher never loses interest. He is never too busy for you. And he will make sure that you learn what he is teaching, or he will figure out a different way to teach it to you.

A good music teacher can give you a sense of direction, and make it literally 10 times easier to learn a piece than it is doing it yourself with guitar tabs. A good music teacher can give you the basic skills necessary to fully realise your potential on guitar. Also, a music teacher can tell you when a tab is wrong, which they often are.

Tabs are great, and they are an excellent way to learn. But not if you don’t know what you are doing in the first place. We can help with that.


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