Payment Terms

Monster Music (ABN 34589955141) (Monster Music) currently accepts electronic payment through the following major credit cards only:

(a) Master Card;
(b) Visa; and
(c) American Express.

Monster Music processes all payments in Australian dollars (and all membership fees stated are in Australian dollars) through secure payment gateway eWay and ePos merchant facility provided by the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (“ANZ”). 

By submitting your credit card payment details to us and confirming your registration and payment, you agree to accept and pay for the services offered by Monster Music as set out in the Terms & Conditions and in accordance with these Payment Terms. 

Credit Card Details

You will be required to provide your credit card payment details to Monster Music during the membership registration process.  This will include your credit card account name, number, expiry date and security code number.  Only one credit card may be linked to your membership account at any time.  Monster Music aims to protect your payment information and keep it as secure as possible.  Through the eWay payment gateway, your complete credit card details will not be viewed by Monster Music or any third party, ensuring that it is a safe and secure method of collecting your payment.  All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL (secure socket layer technology) Certificate and encrypted by eWay prior to being stored.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that in providing Monster Music with your nominated credit card details:

(a) all details are true and correct; and
(b) there are sufficient funds available in your account and Monster Music is otherwise able to deduct your membership fees from your account on the date payment is due.

You may update your credit card details at any time by logging in to your account and selecting “Update Credit Card” to enter your credit card details.

Monster Music will retain your encrypted credit card information for the period of your membership subscription term and for a further period of thirty (30) months for accounting and legal purposes only.  After this period, and unless Monster Music is required to retain your credit card information for any business or legal reason, Monster Music will destroy your credit card information by:

(a) shredding, incinerating or pulping any hardcopies of your credit card information so that your information cannot be reconstructed; and
(b) rendering any of your data stored on electronic media unrecoverable so that it cannot be reconstructed.

Monster Music will use reasonable care and diligence to ensure that your credit card information is not used inappropriately, misappropriated or provided to any third party without your knowledge and consent.  In the event that your information is provided to any third party, you will be notified by Monster Music as soon as possible.

Automatic Recurring Payments

Payment:  Monster Music will use your credit card details only for the purposes of paying your membership fees and agrees not to provide your details to any third party (other than its merchant banking institution and to the extent necessary to complete the payment transaction) without your prior knowledge and consent.

You must authorise your financial institution to permit Monster Music to automatically debit the amount of your membership fees from your nominated credit card account as set out in these Payment Terms.

Delivery Policy:  Any time Monster Music deducts an amount from your credit card account, Monster Music will show up as Monster Music on your account statement.  Within twenty-four (24) hours of payment of your membership fees, you will receive an email confirmation and tax invoice from Monster Music containing the details of your Membership subscription and your payment details.  Upon payment of the membership fees, your Member Profile will be active and your website membership access information will be emailed to you immediately.

Automatic Deduction:  All payments will be debited automatically seven calendar (7) days prior to the expiry of the current Membership term (12 months from the date of registration or last renewal) from your nominated credit card account. 

Payment Reminder:  You will be provided with at least two payment reminder notifications (10 days and 3 days) prior to the automatic renewal of your membership account and deduction of relevant membership fees from your nominated credit card account.

Termination of Automatic Payments:  You may terminate any future automatic payments from your nominated credit card by logging into your membership account and cancelling your account or selecting the FREE membership level subscription.  To change any of your membership or payment details, you must log in to your membership account and change your membership level, cancel your account or nominate a different credit card for payment of membership fees at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the automatic renewal of your membership account.  If you fail to do this within this period, your membership fees will be deducted automatically seven (7) calendar days prior to the expiry of your current term and automatic renewal of your account, according to your membership level at the time of deduction. 

Membership Lapse:  Any payment which is not made by the expiry date of your current membership term as a result of insufficient funds or invalid credit card details will result in your membership account reverting to a FREE listing until reinstated by you by updating your valid credit card details.  Please note that where your membership lapses due to insufficient funds and reverts to a FREE listing, only details of your primary service and business address will be retained and published on your membership profile.  All other information, including additional services or contact details will be deleted and will need to be resubmitted by you when reinstating your account (and updating your valid credit card details).

Updating Your Payment Method or Membership Account

You can manage/edit/update your credit card details and upgrade or downgrade your membership levels at any time prior to seven (7) calendar days before expiry of your current membership term.  When changing your membership level, the commencement of the new membership term will be from the date you log in and select the new membership level and will be charged according to the price of the new membership level for that new term minus any remaining credit from the pro-rata balance of the previous membership level. 


You represent and warrant to Monster Music that you are the account holder of the nominated credit card account or otherwise permitted to provide the credit card details to Monster Music for the purpose of paying the membership fees as set out in these Payment Terms.

If you breach the above warranty and as a result of that breach, a third party action or claim is made against Monster Music, you agree that you will be responsible, and reimburse Monster Music, for any liability, harm or loss arising from that third party action or claim, including any legal fees Monster Music may incur in defending the action or claim.

Refund Policy

No refunds, part refunds or credits are offered if you cancel or downgrade your membership mid-term, or at any time.

Monster Music takes reasonable care in managing your payments and details, but in the unlikely event that your account is overcharged or an incorrect amount is withdrawn from your account, Monster Music will refund you for any incorrectly drawn amounts as soon as reasonably possible upon notification.

Billing Enquiries

Please contact Monster Music if you have any questions in relation to payment, how we handle your credit card information, or are concerned that your credit card account has been incorrectly debited.

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