Richard Lane, The Stems

Richard Lane

Our school (Penny Lane's Music Workshop) has been working with Monster Music since 2010 and we are very happy with the referrals and leads they provide to us via email.  The information is accurate and informative and the school has enough material to contact the potential student through several different mediums.

As a result of our association with the Monster Music web site  there has been a continued recognisable growth to our business that could not have been achieved via local papers, our own web site or the general referral processes.

We have been completely impressed by the increased business opportunities and will continue to list with Monster Music over the comming years as we consider them an integeral part of our media and marketing mix. They are more like a business partner than a web site listing for us.

Richard Lane started his musical career in Perth garage rock outfit The Stems in the mid-eighties before moving on to other bands like The Rosebuds over the following decades, playing guitar, keyboards and blues-infused harmonica.  He is a formidable performer and fiery collaborator, recording several albums in various projects, and rejoining The Stems on reunion tours of Australia, Europe and America before the band's retirement in 2010.

When seeking a tree change in Margaret River he joined the local music school and quickly built up a reputation as a streetwise guitar teacher that could create results for young players.  Studying Blues at Berklee Music College and forming his own local acts, he moved back to Perth and started teaching at Penny Lane's Music Workshop, where he has developed a reputation as a dependable teacher for guitarists wanting to achieve solid results.